Cheers to SSL’s for providing a safe browsing experience in a complicated cyber world.

Security in the cyber world, it seems these days, one can never be too safe. One easy way to know if you are on an encrypted website, look at the URL. Does the web address start with a green, https:// in addition to the word Secure and a lock symbol? If so, you are on a website with an active SSL certificate.

The https:// as opposed to http:// is huge because it says the communication between an internet browser (all internet browsers) and the website you are browsing is secure and encrypted.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is the code which provides the encryption. Why is an SSL Certificate imperative for a business website?

Because data without an SSL can easily be compromised by hackers and cybercriminals. It is important for websites with any type of sensitive data including logins, transactions, personal data forms, payment gateways, etc. to have an active SSL Certificate.

I learned recently as I am in the process of migrating digital marketing from one platform to another, it is never wise to allow an SSL Certificate to expire. This was recently the case with a site I am managing, When this happens, in fact, your website browser will likely flag the website and offer a warning to customers trying to visit your site.

The mechanics of setting up and/or renewing an SSL Certificate can be a little tricky thus it is always better to have a trusted digital marketing company handling the set-up. For instance, in my case, I had my domain hosted in one place and my website hosted in another. Due to the type of hosting, it was not possible to generate an SSR so I learned that it is imperative to keep your SSL and hosting under the same umbrella. It is much easier, in fact, to prove domain ownership and activation went smoother once I had the SSL and hosting together. Ideally, having all of your digital marketing under one, single platform is the recommended solution and one I am working on myself for efficiency purposes but that is for another discussion.

SSL’s can also help with SEO and Google rankings as presently, Google ranks https:// sites higher than http:// sites. Additional cyber protection + a boost in digital advertising = a sure win and a solid investment.

MC Marketing offers two types of SSL’s – Standard & Deluxe starting at $64.99 for a single domain. If you are ready to secure your customer’s trust, visit the below link.

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