1. How long will it take for my digital marketing to go live?

a. 30 days from the time we receive your one-time set-up fee and finish a brief phone and/or email questionnaire.

2. Will I have control over my digital marketing package?

a. Yes, you will have the opportunity to make any/all changes before any new information appears on your website and/or digital advertising campaigns are sent or posted.

3. If I am dissatisfied with your services, may I cancel or will I be expected to sign a contract for a period of time?

a. You may cancel your service at any time without penalty and we will gladly allow you to use all content created until that point as you are the owner of all content created for your business, we do respectfully request creator/designer recognition. Please note, if you do cancel service, email marketing campaigns, social media and blog posts will cease in addition to your website going down - all three of the above do require an investment of time and resources on the developers side and this is why the monthly fee continues after your package goes live.

4. Do you charge extra fees besides the pricing listed on your services page?

a. If you create an MC Digital Marketing account and transfer existing digital items, we will take care of annual fees for your domain, WordPress hosting, email and SSL Certificate(s) from that point forward in addition to the professional design and maintenance of your chosen digital marketing package. Again, the fee(s) for the above are included in your madelinecarlisle.com service price - we will never send you an additional bill for any of the above as long as you transfer these items to us. If you cancel service, we will happily transfer these items at your instruction and/or you are free to leave domain, hosting, SSL as it is.

5. May I upgrade or downgrade service after my package is live?

a. Yes, you are not locked into any package. For instance, you may start with just the managed website and upgrade to SMC and Email Marketing at a later point after you have more client data collected/established.