My idea of a perfect Saturday.

Let’s build a stairway to the stars
And climb that stairway to the stars
With love beside us to fill the night with a song
We’ll hear the sound of violins
Out yonder where the blue begins
The moon will guide us as we go drifting along
Can’t we sail away on a lazy daisy petal
Over the rim of the hill?
Can’t we…”

          – Ella Fitzgerald


Listening to Ella Fitzgerald’s greatest hits on Amazon Music, my darling sweet girl playing contently with her stuffed animals, baby gym, shapes and block toys.

A delicious warm brunch with roasted organic carrots, grilled ahi tuna rich in omega 3 fatty acids followed by a nice long nap for both baby and mommy. An early, homemade, not-to-sweet banana cake dessert for dinner an episode or two of Sofia the First and in bed by 9.

Cloudy skies, rainy days, blogging, dreaming and just being. Thank you for the simple life. Eat, pray, love and listen to melodic music.

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