The truth about cyber stalking (continued)

I would like to provide an update regarding my experience with being a victim of cyber stalking and defamatory imagery associated with my business and personal identity.

Presently, I am enjoying a break in cyber stalking as my defamatory and malicious image has (finally) been removed from Google Search. I am not sure exactly how this happened but I can promise that persistancy pays off. This has happened before where the image/content is removed and than re-posted again so I know that I am not in the clear yet and I will have to stay pro-active on Google Search.

Moral of the story; fill out the forms, send the required documentation, follow-up, send a Cease and Desist via certified mail to the site owner and/or site/domain host and/or Google directly and do not give up. No should never be an answer to something so horrible and damaging to one’s personal identity and reputation.

Justice sometimes is not swift and easy but like most good things in life, it is worth it. Keep the faith and I am happy to talk with any other victims’ that would like moral support through a difficult and ugly time in their own lives.

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