Wanton vs. Reckless Abandon – A love story.

A juxtaposition of these two similar yet very different ideas.

Group a. the wanton abandon folks. This type is very dependent, even in their escape efforts as the whole point of getting away is typically to hurt and/or gain power and/or to appear sexier to an object of one’s affection. Leaving is unplanned, haphazard, unrealistic and typically results in the wanton abandons return to the same exact horrible cycle they attempted to escape in the first place. This type has dependency issues; to substances, people, emotions, even junk that they are trying desperately to control through any means possible which are sadly often the main cause of this poor souls’ agony in the first place. Typically not the brightest, nor the sharpest tools in the shed and tend towards instant gratification as opposed to a planned effort for long-term satisfaction and sustainability.

Group b. the reckless abandon folks. This is an empowered group of independent souls determined to live and explore their deeper purpose in this brief and difficult existence – the pursuit of happiness. These folks have realized that material possessions do not amount to anything good and can often lead to a lot of negative emotions and habits that ultimately result in an imagined dependence that is toxic, consuming and counter-productive to true and sustainable well-being. Sure, a level of comfort is necessary but anything in excess is damaging to the soul. When a reckless abandon leaves a situation, it is carefully planned, thought-out, and for one’s own selfish intent only. This group is typically a little on the vain side and that is okay, more importantly, this group puts self-care and love above dependency to objects, people and situations. When a reckless abandon chooses to leave a negative situation it is not to appear sexy nor to maliciously get-back at another but to feel sexier and more alive in their own life. Most importantly, a reckless abandon usually never returns to a bad situation but instead focuses to present day peace and enlightenment in an effort to create a better future.

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