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Legal Advice for other Single Mothers

First off, my disclaimer; I am not an attorney, I do not have any formal legal training. My experience is all first-hand and based

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Fighting misandry in myself.

I just discovered a new word today and it is rather empowering really. I pride myself on correcting people on their misinterpretation of Feminism

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A truly humbling experience.

A powerful voice and message. I am grateful to anyone and everyone who offered love and support through a rather ugly time in our

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Elephant Butte State Park

Hazel and I took a mini-vacation, one-hour north of Las Cruces and stumbled upon a stunning beach (lake technically) retirement community called Elephant Butte,

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I’m dreaming of a pink and gold mermaid themed Christmas 2018

We had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I was able to capture some of our favorite moments in the gallery below. Also,

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A better person.

Well, I have tried to stay focused on productivity and business but I believe sometimes in life, especially if you believe your story may

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